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Hey Beautiful
    "How I Met Your Mother" Theme Song, CBS TV, Premiere 9-19-2005
      Short TV version (Season 1) available: download
      Full version: listen | download

The Future Is Now
    "Oliver Beene" Theme Song, FOX TV, Premiere 3-9-2003

You Don't Know What You've Begun
    Featured in Artisan Home Entertainment  film Devil's Pond, 2003

Clowns Like Candy
    Featured on NBC's "Ed", Episode #15, 2-20-2001
    Charted (#10) in Rolling Stone Magazine's "Top Alternative Internet Downloads", Issue #825, 11-11-1999
    Rolling Stone Online "Editor's Pick", 10-17-1999

We Are the Red's Born on the World Wide Web Contest, 4th Place, 1999's Born on the World Wide Web Content, Bud Gaugh's nomination, 9-12-1999

Live Performances

Animals (Live MP3)
    Live at The Gig, Hollywood, 2004

Across the Overpass (Live MP3)
    Live at The Gig, Hollywood, 2004

Tomorrow (Live MP3)
    Live at The Gig, Hollywood, 2004

Page for the Kid Who Died (Live MP3)
    Live at the Elbow Room, New York City, 2000


My Best Year (MP3)

Ewok Celebration (MP3)

Angry Monkey (MP3)

Obscure Song of the Day (1/16)

Ugly Vase (MP3)
    MTV Interns Demo, 1996

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