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  • 5-19-2005 - "How I Met Your Mother" debuts on CBS using The Solids' "Hey Beautiful" as intro theme song.

  • 3-9-2003 - "Oliver Beene" premieres on FOX TV with 30-second version of theme song "The Future is Now" by The Solids.

  • 2-1-2003 - In Artisan movie Devil's Pond, Tara Reid and Kip Pardue hear The Solids' "You Don't Know What You've Begun" come onto the radio. An argument ensues and Tara smashes the radio.

  • 5-1-2001 - The Solids inexplicably rated #8 on's list of "Best Boy Bands".

  • 2-20-2001 - Actors playing The Solids are featured in NBC's "Ed", Episode #15. After the lead singer is kicked out, Ed takes The Solids to court to prevent them from playing the singer's originals. Ed loses badly.

  • 2-20-2001 - "Clowns Like Candy" is featured in the background of NBC's "Ed", through the bowling alley P.A., Episode #15.

  • 11-11-1999 - "Clowns Like Candy" charts at #10 in Rolling Stone Magazine's "Top Alternative Downloads" behind Creed and Buckcherry, Issue #825.

  • 10-17-1999 - "Clowns Like Candy" is named "Editor's Pick" by Rolling Stone Online Senior Editorial Staff.

  • 9-21-1999 - "We Are the Red" places 4th Place in Born on the World Wide Web Contest sponsored by

  • 9-12-1999 - "We Are the Red" is nominated by Bud Gaugh of Sublime and Long Beach Dub Allstars for Born on the World Wide Web Contest sponsored by

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